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Worship At Home


Recorded Full Worship Services 

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First Sunday in Advent, 11/29/20          "Hurry up and Wait"  Is. 64:1-9

First Midweek in Advent,       12/02/20   "Immanuel" Is. 40:1-11

Second Sunday in Advent,    12/06/20   "Are you comfortable?"   Isaiah 40:1-11

Second Midweek in Advent,  12/09/20   "Word" John 1:1-18

Third Sunday in Advent,        12/13/20   "New clothes for Christmas" Isaiah 61:10

Third Midweek in Advent,      12/16/20   "Son of God" Luke 1:26–38

Fourth Sunday in Advent,      12/20/20   “I’ll be home for Christmas” 2 Samuel 7:1-11,16

Christmas Caroling                 12/23/20

Christmas Eve                         12/24/20  "Jesus Christ" Luke 2:1-20

First Sunday after Christmas 12/27/20  "Armful of Peace" Luke 2:22-40

Second Sunday after Christmas 

                                                  01/03/21  "Shaking the Box"  Luke 2:40-52

The Baptism of Our Lord       01/10/21   "New Year, New You"  Mark 1:4-11