Stimulate the Mission


      Many of us have now received the stimulus checks that Congress recently authorized. This will be a blessing to many who are struggling financially during this shut down of the economy. For others who are still able to work and receive a regular paycheck, this will be money above and beyond what they would otherwise have. If that’s you, I invite you to join me in an effort to “stimulate the mission.” Please consider tithing a portion of your stimulus check to support the mission work of Hope Lutheran Church. Here’s how we will prioritize any “stimulus” money that we receive.


     1. We will supplement regular offerings to stay current with our payroll and other necessary expenses, if needed.


     2. We will help out members of Hope that are in financial need.


     3. We will support missions and ministries that we have supported in the past that are in need.

             (For example, Blessing Bench, Feed My Starving Children, Walcamp, Missionaries.)


     4. We will use any additional funds to help with needs in our community.


Please write “Stimulate the Mission” in the memo line of your check to designate funds for this effort. If you are a member who is experiencing financial difficulty, please call Pastor Ryden for financial assistance.